GM Cropwatch Media Release 7-11-16 : WA GM canola farmers mapped

The West Australian government promised a public register of GM canola growing sites in 2009, when GM canola seed was first commercially sold and grown. However, no public register was ever set up.

A GM crop register would have helped the vast majority of farmers to protect their GM-free crops. They could minimise GM contamination spreading onto their land through various management strategies…. but the WA government has abandoned those affected.

To redress the government’s broken promises and support GM-free farmers, GM Cropwatch has collected the names and locations of WA GM farmers and silos that already appear in other news media, announcing they grow or handle GM varieties.

This year, the GM Cropwatch’s google map includes 14 GM farmers in WA and 2 in Vic.

GM canola is 24% of the total canola crop in WA, and 13% of the crop in Victoria. (industry figures)

Monsanto has all the details of where its GM crops are grown, to enforce its contracts, so government should require the company to disclose this complete information.

Its failure to protect rural communities from GM contamination will be a key issue in the state election next March.

GM Cropwatch works with farmers and rural communities to monitor and map GM crops, and to combat the spread of GM canola by monitoring, testing and decontaminating roadsides and farms.

We keep a log of GM contamination incidents, such as GM seeds spread by spillage, flooding and wind, human error and carelessness.

GM Cropwatch can supply test kits at low cost to any farmers concerned that they may have GM canola weeds on their property.

Comment: Jessica Harrison GM Cropwatch Technician 0407307231

GM Cropwatch finds GM canola weeds in the Wimmera area of Victoria in spring 2013



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