GM cleanup near Horsham, Victoria in  2008

GM cleanup near Horsham, Victoria in 2008


GM Free Australia Alliance
The GM–Free Australia Alliance Inc is an independent not-for-profit alliance of groups and individuals sharing common concerns and motivation to avert the threat of Genetic Manipulation (GM) in food and crops in Australia.

Gene Ethics
Gene Ethics is a non-profit educational network of citizens and kindred groups. Gene Ethics want the precautionary principle, scientific evidence and the law rigorously applied to all proposed uses of genetic manipulation (GM) technologies and their products.

MADGE is a network of mothers and others campaigning for safe, GM-free food MADGE has a free news digest and an active facebook page "MADGE Australia Inc"

The Safe Food Foundation
The Safe Food Foundation highlights the ground-breaking court case of contaminated organic farmer Steve Marsh, and the risks of GM wheat.

GM Contamination Register
GM Contamination Register is an international listing of GM contamination incidents, supported by Greenpeace and Gene Watch UK

GM Free Farmers

Based in Western Australia, this group is the voice of the majority of Australian canola growers.Non-GM canola growers receive a premium for their product.